Today I have been doing some great amount of sketching in preparation for for creating my type logo designs, including the designs for the type as well as any graphical designs too go around/within them.

I first started off by thinking about what theme did I want for my logo, as it can be for just about anything I want, such as a brand logo or a logo of my own imagination. While I was thinking about this, I kept imaging my old logo design for my website which I created within a previous project for some reason, which constantly implanted the same design theme of foxes into my mind. With that idea in mind, I have decided that my design for the logo may be a updated for my website logo design, with a fox themed style.

Here I have been working heavily on the possible designs for both the fox and the typeface of the logo:

I worked on everything from the style of the fox to the name for of the logo itself, which took a little time to decide. A majority of the earlier designs for the logo were just random ideas for how the fox itself would for the design, which would turn out being the more sharper designed fox, which has a slightly more cartoonish vibe compared to the others. The second half of the sketches had a few notable ideas revolving around having a fox with glasses (which I commonly wear when working, something which make the fox itself serve as a bit of a nod towards my computer based designs) and a globe like design where the type shall be placed.

I am actually leaning towards using towards using the globe/orb/ball fox design for some reason I am not entirely sure of. It may be because I see the design as having a very friendly design, as well as something that can be easily drawn in both large and small scale. The orb design also means that I may be able to create some very interesting type designs revolving around it being warped within the ball.