End of year Project – Sketchbook Punctuations

Today I have been working on a variety of rough sketches for possible designs of my punctuation mark/s.

Using the existing designs for punctuations I found previously as inspiration, I created a list of design ideas for some of the punctuation types. I chose to use the sarkmark, rhetorical mark and the interrobang mark for my chosen possible punctuations as I felt as if those were the easiest marks to understand the meaning of.

Most designs for the sark mark revolve around it being placed in front and behind the the sarcastic word or sentence, as I felt as if that would make highlighting the sarcasm within the sentence easier to see, as well as actually show where the sarcasm is should only a word needs to be used sarcasticly, not an entire sentaace.

The rytorical marks heavily focus on the use of a question mark as its main body as it shall only be used for questions (which are rhetorical). While I really like the simplistic idea of just having a question mark in reverse (to show that the question is not to be awnsered), I felt as if I should make my mark as unique as possible compared to it, as it would just be a carbon copy of something that already exsists (as well as make the whole project way too short and boring.

The interrobang mark was a bit more tricky to design as it already has a design which has similarities to some of my own previous ones, and finding one that reamebles its original purpose (sounding shocked within a question – e.g. “You did what?!”) without making it look too different. The most notable designs that I was able to make were the simple changes to the shape of the question mark curve of the design, or simply remove the curve completely to create a wilder looking exclamation mark to emphasis the feeling of shock.

In the end, I decided pick out the most notable designs from each mark type, as I want to create at least a little bit of a selection for possible choices. As of the current time, I am mostly leaning towards using the sarkmark as my chosen punctuation mark, as I feel as if it lead to the best looking designs out of the lot and could be considered the most easy punctuation to understand, as you simply need to put the marks before and after a sarcastic moment or word in order to emphasise that sarcasm (even if it is within a sentence itself.


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