Today I have been given my next assignment for the now until the end of this long year, which has been split into 4 separate typography projects, however, the task only calls upon 2 of them. We currently have two weeks in order to get at least two of the total projects done by the end of this first year. Here are the four tasks:

! ? () , . [] ” : ; <> * #

The first of the 4 projects I have been given is the task to create the design for my own brand new punctuation type, which can represent anything from sarcasm to confusion within a written text. This task seems rather interesting in what sorts of designs I can come up with for something as simple as punctuation mark, so I will likely use this task for one of my project choices.

R.I.P – “Here lies…”

The second task is to create the design for our own memorial/tombstone for our grave (a somewhat morbid task) which will include our name, birth and death (?) dates, as well as a possible quote or comment on me before or after my death. While I am unsure whether or not I may choose this task in particular (due to the time constraints of creating a new form of type), I may choose it should one of the previous task I choose not go the way I wanted them to as a sort of a backup plan.

“Never give up!”

The third choice for a project is to create any form of typographic design of my choosing. This could be shown in the form of a quote, phrase or even a logo, using my own custom form of type, or my own version of an existing one. This task sounds like it could be rather simple in terms of what forms of type can be appropriately used, as well as what sorts of designs I can use to accompany it. Also, due to the simplicity of this task, I may be able to complete it within the given time, making it a bit more worth the go compared to the next task.

The final task choice is to simply tweak any previous type work, which I may not likely do considering the time limit of this project. If I somehow do have any spare time after completing the previous tasks, I will try to touch up on as many old projects as possible.

 This seems to be a very interesting brief looking at it now, and I am very curious to see how these projects will progress as the time goes on. This may also give me a chance to further experiment with any current experience that I have had with typography, as well as discover newer forms of type to try out.

I am currently most interested in the ideas of creating the new punctuation mark as well as the idea of creating a type based logo, as I very much enjoyed creating logos back when doing the website deign project (which might pass on in design inspiration for this project).