Environment – Writing up the Description

Today I have been busy doing the write up for what will be the text for the second spread within the final design. As with the limitations set by the project, the minimum amount of words that must be included is 200, with the maximum about that I can add being 400 words.

Here is the original version of the text I created:

“From the moment I moved into my little home in Kent with my family as a child, I always found the garden to be a bit of an urban paradise to me. Unlike our old home, this garden was big and green and (unlike the last one) peaceful. I used play game after game with my baby brother, taking every moment upon that grass with the upmost joy. It was our own little land. But, every place has its own shadow, and ours was no exception.

The end of the garden was always a mystery to us, but I rarely every wanted to set foot in that place, not for very long at least. It was always dark, dirty and bug ridden (all of which I was never too keen on). There was a shed, a bonfire, a ranch pile, and a small spot within the corner fenced off by a pair of old doors that served as a compost heap. The trees at the very edge did not make the situation any better, as their loaming branches would always make you feel as if the entire sky above was constantly blocked out.

I never really felt confortable entering that little dark forest as a child, even now I still don’t, but today I decided that one could not truly enjoy a place until they see the very best of what it can show you. So, I picked up my camera, waited for a nice, sunny day and let my lens go wild. I tried to take as many close-up photos as I could in order to see each and every detail that each bit of scrap or mess of leaves had etched onto them. There was plenty of bits and pieces trapped within the overgrowth for me to find and plenty of angles that were absolutely wonderful to take.

What struck me most about doing this shoot is how sometimes you can never understand how beautiful something can be, no mater how messy, until you see it from the right perspective, as looking up into the sky during the shoot, I saw how open the sky actually looked through the branches.

It kind of surprises me how easily a photographer can go to a place and not only get some decent photos, but also learn so much it and how should look at other places too.”

After finishing this copy of the text, I had the page checked over by a teacher in order to ensure that the text is both spelled correctly as it always should, and also relevant to the tasks requirements, as it must explain the reasoning and methods used within the photo-shoot.

After handing in a printed copy of the text, I received it back with some improvements. Luckily, the only improvements needed were a couple of simple spelling errors and unneeded punctuation placements, as the reviewing teacher gave the “OK” to the contents of the text itself. The errors only consisted of things such as “upmost” instead of “utmost”, as well as other similar miss-phrasing/spelling.

With the text now corrected and and approved, I moved it into the spread, changing it into my selected typeface. With a few tweaks to the size and shape of the lettering, the text now fits perfectly into the spread.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 08.45.34

I am actually rather proud of how the type look now that it has been finally into the text box, as the white, serifed type personally feels like compliments the natural tone of the piece, and the way that the text curves around the frame adds a very nice look to the overall design.


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