Environment – Feedback 2

After having had my first review with my classmate, I decided that it would be best to try asking even more people about what they thought about the designs of the two spreads. However, the results of this review had a few notable changes suggested about the choices I had made from the previous one, namely about the design theme overall.

The main improvement suggested to me this time was to decrease the thickness of the branch on the second spread. This change was asked as the reviewers noted that the large size of the whit branch drew too much attention to itself, causing people to focus too on the branch rather than the photos themselves. I actually understood this point rather quickly, as taking a step back, I saw that the distracting thing on the pages was the branch. In order to fix this, I simply moved the edges of the branch closer together so that it appeared thinner, and made the images appear larger and more noticeable.

The same issue of the silhouettes I added being too much also spilled onto the first spread as well, as others noted that the tree within the pages’ center is to distracting from the photo behind it. Because of this, they have asked if I removed the tree itself entirely, so that the focus could be put onto the background. They did note however that the location of the title was perfectly fine, as it drew a little more focus to the trash heap above it, which could be considered the most detailed part of the picture.

I am a little bit hesitant about the idea of removing the tree, as the collision of it being good because of its uniqueness against it being bad for being a distraction, makes it a little hard to make the choice. However, I believe that having an effective design takes a little more priority over a unique one, as it doesn’t matter how pretty a design is if it dose not focus on the most important aspects of the piece. As such, I have removed the tree from the spread.

The only other tweak mentioned for me to do was to simply increase the darkness of the black filter behind the text, as they noted that it was still a little harder to read in some places.

I have found that much of this feedback very useful in helping me understand the importance of how designs can effect the focus of an audience, and how I must learn to accept the fact that if a design inflicts will the purpose of my work, I must remove it, no matter how much I myself may like it.


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