Environment – Feedback of my Current Ideas

Today I have had a bit of a conversation with another member of class about the current design and future ideas for possible design choices with my spreads. After asking a classmate for their opinion on the prototype designs I have been working on, the advice quickly turned into tips and further ideas for my spreads.

At first, they noted that they had seen the deigns I had been creating while on the computers during my work, and told me that they (and others found my use of silhouette-like trees to be a very unique idea compared to the work of other classmates, and gave me a little praise on the point. They continued to say that I should possibly incorporate both tree variation designs I have been working on to create a design theme, which I myself like the idea of.

I also told him about my idea of putting images between the branches of the trees, which he suggested I only use on the second branch design, as the full tree silhouette design would look much better by itself, so, I have used the branched design spread for the second half of the spread.



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