Environment – Typeface Choice

With the overall designs for the spreads progressing smoothly, I think that it is about time that I began expanding my ideas for the use of typeface within this project, before the designs go to far for that aspect to work properly.

In terms of of what I want for a main typeface for my designs, I am mostly thinking of using either an (not too) old fashioned/modern type that has average looking serifs.


After having first drew up a visual interputation of the typeface I am looking for, I began experimenting with the typefaces that InDesign had available that matched this criteria. Among the hundreds of types available, the three bellow were the only notable typefaces which match the design I am looking for (note that all three are in bold):

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 09.21.36

All three use the serif based typeface that I am looking for, but each have their own differences:

  • Minion is the most basic out of the three types as it is the default typeface used whenever creating a text box. However, while it does come close to the design I am looking for, I feel as though it is a little small and bland for the design I feel I want. The type itself is also very thin despite being made bold, which will make it harder to read compared to the following types.
  • Hoefler is currently the most likely typeface that I will choose at this point, as it looks a lot more interesting than plain old Minion type, and a lot more compact than Bookman type. Hoefler text also has a more visible bold form which will be much easier to read over the background.
  • Bookman is second next to Hoefler in usefulness due to its much more prominent bold type face, but I put it behind Hoefler because of how large it is, and would thus consume much more room on a page, which is something that I will be very limited to when putting the type onto the pages. So I shall only use this type should Hoefler not turn out to be bold enough for the background.

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