In order to further understand how photoshoots are done by professionals within the industry, as well as see if there is anything I can learn from those shoots, I have been trying to research similar shoots to the theme of my own, with that being garden areas. Here are the results of that research:

It was mostly difficult at first in order to find someone or a group of photographers who had done similar work (recent or past) as many of my searches resulted in photographers who had done photoshoots of gardens, but in more landscape styled shots of country/wealthy gardens, unlike my more up close and dirty styled shots of my back garden. There was one group however that managed to come close to the style of photos that I had, with them going by the name of the “Seasalt Bloggers”, a group of photographers from Cornwall who created a photo shoot of the back gardens of local fishermen.

While the few shots I found on their site were different in their own ways, they did share the similar trait of close up shots of back gardens. The gardens themselves are also very dirty and small like the far area of my own.

Source and Credit:

Seasalt Bloggers – (