Spread-pages – Photo Layout and Prototype Designs

With my new photoshoot now completed, I have begun testing out the layout of each photo on some prototype spread pages I have created using Adobe Illustrator. I have used Illustrator for this task

As of the moment, I am currently staying with the basic idea of having a larger two page image for the first two pages of the spreads, likely to serve as my introduction pages for the restive the images, followed by a small gallery of photos from the shoot on the (3rd and) 4th page of the spreads. These galleries will serve as the main/only form of visual examples of what photos I took during the photo shoot, and will possibly help show readers the type of photography style that I used.

I have mainly been experimenting with the larger image by using different design methods to see how attractive looking as I possibly can, as an introduction page highly determine whether the reader will show any interest within the following content. I have experiment with images, type (which I may go into further within another post) and other forms of design features.

This first test design would serve as the basses for the other designs, as it is the absolute bare minimum of what I expect the final design to look like. I decided to use the shot depicting the main area of the shoot in order to display the shoot location to the readers, thus not leaving them confused to the overall location of the shoot. I did not think too much about the design of the type (with only the use of bold lettering on my mind at the time) as it was not necessary at this current point in time. I used white text as it would easily contrast to the darker green of the grass on the lower half of the page, something that I hoped would be dark and large enough to fit the text.


This second test spread uses the idea of having a branch-like frame cross over the page to add a little bit of graphic design onto the image and preventing the entire page looking empty. I decided to leave the branches of the branches white and empty, as the use of brown made the branches blend too much into the upper half of the background and make the entire piece feel awkward.


For the third test, I only filled in the “branches” of within the top left corner, as I wanted to how well the branches would look with the gaps filled in with what could be leaves. I wanted to try this feature as I felt as if the gaps within the branches are a bit too empty looking. While I quite like the effect of the filled in branches, I feel as though there is much more I can do with this idea within the future.

Layout 3

With that last point in mind, I have decided to go back and look at my previous thumbnail sketches to see if there anything I did before that may be helpful for this branch idea, as I want to see if I cause any of them to try and expand this idea into something much more interesting. One idea which I might currently have is the use of adding more photos into the branches, but I will go on more about this should I decide to keep with the idea within the long run.

Overall, I am quite happy with how the test pieces turned out, as well as how they could possibly be in the end, as looking at them has given me a rough idea of what their final products could become. I am a little unsure about the current colour for the leaves,(as well the use of gradient), as it looks a little too out of place to me, and thus I may change it later. For now, I will just continue experimenting with these photos and try to find any more interesting designs/layouts.


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