Environment – Photo Shoot 2

Today I have done my second photo shoot for the project, this time for the new garden idea I have chosen to go with. During this photo shoot, I managed to obtain a much more powerful and professional camera to take the photos this time. Thanks to my more accessible idea and camera usage, I believe that this photo shoot was many time more successful for the project.

Here is a collection of the many pictures I took during this new shoot:

I had a fairly enjoyable time in the back garden taking as many photos of the back area in as many interesting angles as I could find, as the professional camera which I used for this time allowed me to get much more higher quality images, so larger and/or closer shots of scenes and objects could be taken without worry.

Having now uploaded the images to a computer, I was able to review the images I have taken, and have decided to pick out each image I believe to be suitable for creating my spread pages. The notable factors of which I took into account when choosing each image consisted of how much empty space was available, how much content was in the image and how easy would it be to edit the images themselves using software.

This first image could easily be used to create the the large double page image which would cover the first double page spread. By cutting or shrinking the image, it could fit nicely into the squarer shape of the pages. A white typeface may be visible within the greener areas of the image, but I am unsure whether this would be entirely successful as of the moment. This image also gives a large, full-scale view of the area of which I have taken the photo shoot


These images could be used as the smaller/thumbnail images on the final page(s) of the spreads, as I think that they have a little bit of artistic touch to them and could be used as the smaller photos which will likely be on the final page of the spreads. The reason why I say that they have artistic features is due to the presence of blurring, foreground effects and atmospheric detail. The way that the camera focuses in on the hanging basket, and how the images of the football and metal coil have an almost erie feeling around them makes me enjoy how well they had turned out during the shoot, and how useful they could be within the long run.

I feel as if this photo shoot was possibly the most successful shoot I think I have ever had, and thus will most likely be the one I will use for this project. I have seen many interesting and potential-filled photos which could profit highly for this project.


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