Environment – The Dark of my Garden

With the annoying issues caused by my previous idea for a bird watching theme pretty much halted, I have decided to resort a sort of backup idea which should be able to get me a workable amount of photos for my project.

This new idea which I am currently looking at is the idea of changing my focus from the bird feeders in the nearer part of my back garden, to the closed off area of the back garden. The back area of my garden is shielded by a wall of hedges and the looming branches of the larger trees at the very back of the garden. This often makes this back area very dark and gloomy looking (In my opinion), even when the sun comes out. This area within my garden could very easily serve as a creepy/atmospheric environment for my spread page’s theme.


Doing the photo shoots of a still environment will also save a lot of time wasted on issues compared to sitting behind a window waiting for birds to arrive, as I can now just take the photos when I feel the whether is right.

I feel as if I can find and take many interesting and worthwhile photos for my spreads which will hopefully turn out much better than my previous attempts. I may however need to obtain or rent a more powerful camera for the use of this project as the cameras that I own myself may also be responsible for the poor quality of my previous attempts, as I honestly feel as if they will not be able to more artistic photos which I wish to use within my final piece.


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