Photo Shoot 1 – Doubts and Trouble


With some time now having passed, I have come to a difficult situation for this projects surrounding my original idea.

Due to the awkwardness that I have discovered from my bird watching idea, obtaining (good/decent) photos has been a fair bit of trouble, as finding birds on my gardens feeder at all, never mind in a good position, has been more than a handful for my work as multiple issues have prevented me from obtaining appropriate images. Notable, due to the fact that I must take all of my photos from within my glass conservatory, in order to prevent scaring away the birds (which do appear), I cannot take any worthwhile with the camera which I have, as the glass degrades the image, which already has to be zoomed in in order to see the birds any closer.

Examples of failed images:


Because of these annoying issues which I keep having, I may decide to change my idea to something else very soon, although I will likely choose something with some similarity to stay within the theme of nature and environment.

I have one or two ideas from my old mind that I created before, which I could use more effectively than the bird idea, but I will leave it/them to another post.