Thumbnail Sketches

Today I have been working on a few early sketches for what my spread pages could eventually look like by the end of the project. These sketches are purely for experimentation and practice, so they may or may not end up being used within the final work, or at least the most of them.

I have made most of these sketches based off of inspiration I gained from my previous research into double page spreads, and as a result, have used a fair few aspects of those images I had found.


I am actually quite happy with how most of these thumbnails have turned out, as well as how I could actually see some of these sketches becoming the basis of my final piece. I am considering an idea of which I have gained from these many sketches of using the large double page image for a sort of introduction page for my first double page, having the main bulk of the of texts and images dedicated to the remaining two pages. I believe this will serve well as both a aphetic and practical layout design for the two spreads, with the large picture for the introduction, and the information and other images on the following pages.


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