Environment – First Ideas

In order for me to be able to create my own magazine, I must have an subject for the environment themed spreads, which must be able to supply a fairly large quantity of photos and text for me to use within the final result.

As I mentioned within the previous environment post, there are two main forms of environment that I can choose between for my final piece, which can either be about an environment/habitat, or be about the environment in general. In some ways I consider the two versions of environment to be as difficult/easy as each other due to the various ideas that you can go for within each of them, such as the places you can go for the environment, and the types of habitats you can visit for the other type.

I am somewhat torn between the two forms of environment as I cannot decide which form I find being the simplest/effective for me to use within this project. In order to try and get around this, I have created a quick mind map in order to visualise my ideas and possibilities for this project.


After having now finished drawn out the presented mind map, I have begun to lean towards doing the project based around the bird-feeder habitat idea. I have made this decision because I find the idea of doing some bird watching for this project to be a very relaxing and peaceful task for this project, and I believe that I may be able to obtain some very interesting and effective photographs of the birds I spot resting on the feeders within my garden. I am hopeful that this idea may either lead to a greater plan for the project, or even follow through to the end within too much trouble.


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