Environment – Double Page Spreads

As the target layout of the final piece, I feel as though it is necessary for me to at least do some research into what a double page spread is, and how other (professional) designers handle making them for actual magazines.

A double page spread (according to the dictionary definition) is “two pages treated as one in a publication, with images or text extending across the binding”. This basically means exactly what its sounds like, a pair of pages that share an image(s) and/or text across them, which are mainly used as means of advertising a products, service or information either somewhere else or within the same magazine.

To gain some knowledge on the sorts of design styles and layout choices that other designers have used for their own magazine pages, I have gone to look up as many interesting and notable page spreads as I can, as well as any spreads that I may have in magazines at home. Here is the results of the most interesting double page spreads that I was able to get a hold of.

As you can see from the example images, many types of double page spreads have certain traits that seem to pass on from one to another, which you can find similar to the other examples of spreads. From what I can see, there are mainly two main types of layout used for double page spreads within actual magazines, with the first layout being an image on one side of the page and the text on the other. Or, with the second option, the spread consists of a large double page image which comprises the majority of the spread, with smaller amounts of type placed (mostly) within the empty (lesser) areas of the picture. There also seems to be a common use of large or giant letters or words placed within the background our title areas of the pages.

Looking at these examples of page spreads, I feel as though I have gained a few new ideas of the possible layout designs for the end product for this project. Design ideas such as the large images and use of giant type are some of the factors within the examples I found may be prime design choices for my final piece.










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