Environment – What is the Definition?

As I have already stated within the previous post, our mission for this project is to create 2 double page spreads for a magazine that focus around the theme of “environment“. However, the meaning of environment can be interrupted into two separate forms of environment, each with their own meanings. These two forms of environment could be called “an” environment, or “the” environment.

Unlike the environment, an environment refers to a specific place or area wherein a human, animal or plant-life live or interact within. This could refer to the habitat of an animal (bird feeder/nest/burrow/etc.) or the bedroom of a person. Out of the 2 forms of environment, this might be the simplest due to it being concentrated onto a single area of the world, rather than being spread across the entirety of the subject (or in this case, just a much larger area).


The environment refers to the natural environment around us in general, being the entire ecosystem of our country/planet. This could mean the entirety of forests or woodlands as well as all the wildlife contained within them. Compared to the previous variation of the word, using the environment as a theme may prove either a much more complicated theme to use for this project, or a simple one, as it may become more difficult to pinpoint the idea of the environment as a whole, or it may make it simpler to find appropriate photographs for the spread as it may leave me more freer to do so.


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