Ethics – Final Design

Today we have finally finished the design for our group poster, and are ready to begin its printing.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 12.18.36

By the end of the projects design, there were of course some minor (and/or major) changes  within its overall appearance and function. Some of my animal sketches (i.e. fox, standing rabbit and badger) were sadly left out of the poster due to us having some trouble fitting all of them into the spaces around the text. I am happy however that most of them did successfully make it into the final product, as well as how surprisingly well they combined with other features of the poster, such as how one of the birds nicely sits on top of a stump created by another member of the team.

I also decided to keep not while creating this poster on the interesting techniques and styles used by my team-mates when creating this poster, so that I have them in mind should I think them fitting of being used within another project. I found Ed’s use of a texture-layered background to be a very attractive and unique design idea for the poster, and I honestly consider it the highlight of the page. I may likely decide to use this technique myself within the future, as I find that the combination of its colors and texture to be very effective within this piece.


I honestly have very little to complain about for this piece at all, as I I find it very well put together for our team. If I could complain about anything however, one of the only parts I could point at would be the resulting design of the cloud sketch, as it was heavily edited by the other team members after I handed it over to them. I am not too fond of the gradient given to the original cloud, as I feel as if it looks too out of place next to the more solid colors given to the rest of the sketches. The original idea for the cloud sketch was to make 73% of the cloud grey (with the remaining 27% white) to represent the 73% of the fact, so the gradient may have be used to make the transition between the grey/black and white smother. If the center cloud was a pure grey color with something such as a 73% placed on it, I may have found it much better looking than it does now, as well as much more effective towards showing the meaning of the sketch.

With each of us taking on different roles to create each separate aspect of the poster, we have made what I consider a successful piece of work which is both apathetically pleasing as well as effectively functional to its purpose. I am happy to have made this interesting final piece as well as been part of my team in general.



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