Ethics – Typeface

While having a discussion with the rest of the team, we of course brought up the point of which form/s of typeface we were going to use on our poster, as it is a very important to both our posters appearance as well as the projects overall score.

Choosing a typeface for the poster was actually much easier for us to find than I first anticipated, as a member of the team had already found an existing poster about the ethics of the environment (with a similar subject on paper as well) that used the two fonts that took our interests.

The first typeface that we chose was called Bebas Neue, which would serve as our main header/title font. We chose to use this typeface because we wanted a simple yet bold header which would easily stand out on the page and get our biggest points/phrases in the spotlight. We chose this serif-less font style as we wanted to make a simplistic poster design with a paper-like background/theme, in order to make the poster look more modern and in date.

The second typeface we selected was Helvetica, which would serve as the poster’s main typeface for the text. We selected helvetica as we wanted a similar form of type to bebas neue to be used for smaller text, but without being so bold. We also chose it as another modern looking typeface.

Overall, I find that both typefaces that we have selected look and feel very fitting for the modern/simplistic design style that we are hoping to achieve, and that it will serve as a very easy to read font for our readers to understand, as a faulty typeface for a message such as ours in real life would be quite problematic.




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