Ethics – Illustration Duty

In order to increase the effectiveness and speed of our work, each of us have taken roles within the project to create specific parts of the poster. I myself along with Ben were given the task of doing many of the small illustrations which were going to be placed across the page.

Since our idea is heavily focused on the effect of the environment, we decided that that message may be reinforced by the use of forest animals to represent the environment. We first listed several animals found within (British forests (as the magazine that the poster is for is of British make)), along with a few other objects, and allowed me to choose the ones that I saw appropriate/good enough to be used for the poster. After I had chosen the animals I was given, I quickly began work on sketching each one.

I the animals that I drew consisted of: a fox, a deer, a badger, two rabbits and three birds (I did multiple versions of the last to animals as I wanted to make sure that I at least had more than one version of the smaller animals as there could be enough room to put more than one of them, and if some, I wanted to make some divergence between them.


The other members of the team were quite happy with the results of my sketches and we moved onto scanning them onto a computer so that they may be inserted into the poster. Upon putting some of the sketches into the poster’s program (InDesign) however, we found that some of them had not formed their lines in properly and were preventing us from filling them in with color. Because of this, I was forced to have to recreated the few that did not work from scratch using illustrator (due the team using InDesign, making transferring much simpler). After finishing up the new illustration for the poster, I handed them over to the rest of my team.


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