Ethics – Returning Discussion

After having now returned to the classroom from our research break, me and the other members of the team have had a group discussion on our future and present plans for the project. We talked about the various ideas that we currently had for the poster as well as any changes that have been added since our last talk.

Our first noteable topic within the discussion was the change of title. We agreed to change the main idea of the poster from “paper consumption ethics with designers” to “paper consumption ethics” in general. We decided on this change as we realised that the idea of only doing designer ethics for paper was way too specific and because of the fact that many of us could not find any information on that topic online.

Our second topic for the poster was the idea of having the information displayed on the page be split in half, having “good” facts on one half of the page and “bad” facts on the other about paper consumption (namely within the UK as the poster will be based in this location.

Our most notable topic today was the overall design and layout of the poster in terms of interactivity, as an idea brought up by one of our members suggested the idea of having the two halves of the page be cuttable, allowing both the good and bad facts become their own separate mini-posters (I will go into further detail within a future post.


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