Ethics – Paper Usage in Recent Years

As is of our main poster topic, I have decided to do some research into use of paper within recent years, along with its various effects on the environment and daily life.

Due to the multi purpose capabilities as a resource, we have always relied on the paper we created from trees for centuries, although the heaviness of its need has somewhat dropped since the rise of email messaging. Nether the less, paper is a heavily used format for information storage, art and/or any other things a person can find useful for tasks.

However, as one would expect of any form of human resource consumption, we have often taken much more wood for paper from our many forests than they can suffice, often take several times the amount we can even replace. After looking at some statistics online, I found that over 300 million tons of paper are being produced each year. Plus, despite my previous statement of the use of digital platforms to replace the needs for printing and note taking (trying to make a paperless office/workspace), copier/printer paper and note-pad paper comprise a staggering percentage of that 300 million.



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