Ethics – Audience

From what I have learn’t from working within this course is that understand an audience is highly important to effectively creating a design, as it determines how well you connect with them.

For this form of project however (or just our theme in general), our likely target as an audience should be everybody in the world, as the consumption and waste of paper effects everyone in one way or another. As a result of this, there is not much we really need to do in terms of designing our poster in a certain way since we do not need to aim for a select group/s.

Thanks to this, we may be able to have a little more freedom with the design since we won’t have too many limitations for designing the layout and text. The only target group that I think that we may need to look out for are children, as we cannot make the facts and information too complicated else they get confused. Getting this right is very important since children are important for getting our message across due to them still being in their learning age, and thus will carry this information into the future.




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