Ethics – Mind Maps

With the begging of our new group project underway, we quickly decided to start our work off by doing mind maps of our current ideas for what we should do for our poster. While we were discussing possible ideas for our ethics theme, I began jotting down the mentioned titles and ideas that were mention by both myself and the other members of the team.

The mind map itself is shown bellow:


One of the first aspects that I myself brought up within the conversation was how big the poster would be and of what style it would be given in the end. We agreed that an A2 sized sheet would be large enough to create the target, as an example pointed out by our teacher was roughly the size of A2. The style of the poster has been chosen to be infographic. However, I am quite unsure (or cannot remember the meaning) of infographics, so I may likely need to familiarise myself with it at some point.

Next we talked about the type of ethics that we would concentrate on for our poster. After a surprisingly short bit of talking, we decided to make the poster around the ethics and morals of a graphics designer within their work, namely their use of paper, as we realized that designers within the industry would use mountains of paper for both their sketches and professional work, which can heavily effect the environment in large doses.

For the current time, these two points are our strongest titles for the poster, although more ideas may appear within our research or when we return to meet at college.


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