Web Design – Final (Evaluation)

After now having completed the final page of my website, I shall now give my full view on haw I feel about this project result.

(link to site: http://lukejpascoe97.wix.com/portfolio)


I have really enjoyed how professional you can make a site using something like Wix, as I (personally) believe that I have created a decent looking site that can possibly use later on in life for my work and/or my career. I really like the use of colors that I gave to the piece, as I believe that the use of bright friendly colors is very appealing towards the site and gives the pages a very comforting tone.

The use of animated backgrounds was also a very interesting and unique feature that I had yet to see or even think about when originally planning/researching how my site would be, and the use of that animation being a person doing illustration simply promotes my personal specialty within the site (as I see my strongest and most favored art skill as being illustration).



I am honestly a bit unsure on whether or not my uses of animations within the site are in any way necessary for its design or function, and I am a bit concerned on whether or not the animations (despite not causing any issues on the computer systems that I have been using (so far)) may cause the computers of users to lag or slow down upon entering the site. I feel as if this potential problem may be a bit hypocritical of me as I mention before that would try to be cautious of potential lag problems. I may have to change these features should I receive any notice from users that they are experiencing speed problems.


I found the feature of a contacts option built into the footer as a very interesting feature that I do not believe I have seen on any of the previously reviewed sites during this project, and how its presence saved me the trouble of having to create an entire page (possibly even one that would have the empty-space syndrome I have mentioned before) just for an email option.


Overall I have found this to be a successful project, as I believe that I have reached the goal of creating a functional website that will help greatly within the future as a personal work platform for displaying and promoting my work to businesses and other people alike. While I know that there may be things that may need more focus and work to complete, I feel that there is plenty enough in order to be a functional website personally for me.




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