Web Design – Making the “About Me” Page (Final)

Today I have finished creating the page which will serve as my personal bios/artist info for the website.

I was inspired to create an “about me” page after seeing how many of the sites I reviewed previously had a page dedicated to telling viewers about themselves and giving an explanation of what they do or specialize in. I also noticed how annoying it was when I found the sites that did not have an “about us” page (or an bios page that contained no information about their specialty), as it left me in the dark a fair bit about what exactly they did within the design industry.

So, I decided to create an about us page for the sake of giving users the ability to understand who I am, as well as what I believe I can help them with for their business.

The Page contains only just a few paragraphs of text with information about me and my skills, with an image of what will be my photo. I have only done a few smaller paragraphs for the bios as I believe that while it is important to have a bit of information about yourself, too much information may make you look awkward and full of yourself or discourage users from reading the whole page. A few detailed (small) paragraphs will probably be enough to tell anyone what you do without much trouble.

After completing this page however, I noticed something that I had not seen before, or at least, not for a while. I noticed that I had been unknowingly avoiding the most annoy issue that I found back when doing my website research, the amount of empty space on each page. Thanks to the combination of the contacts footer bellow and the easy ability to re-size the page itself to fit with the headers and footers, I had been preventing the annoying trope of unused/unnecessary space located around the page, something that I had seen a fair bit of during my research. Because of this, I am even more glad to have chosen Wix.com as my site creator for this project.


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