Web Design – Making the Gallery/Work Page

Today I have finished completing the layout of the Main gallery, where the main majority (or all work in general) will be located within my site. The gallery page will serve as the main storage/archive of all of my past works during this course up until now.

Since the overall design theme of the website has been carried around to all other pages of the website, I did not need to worry too much about doing any major designing on the gallery page, so I could focus solely on the creation of the layout itself.

Oddly enough however, Wix.com already had a large variety of gallery layouts for images within it’s asset library, each with their own styles and layouts, meaning that creating a gallery page was a lot more easier than I first thought.

I decided to use one of the more basic layouts (simple boxed thumbnails) as I want a neat and tidy layout for my gallery, and the various other layouts and designs (despite all being very interesting and good looking) did not fit well with the general style and size of the website pages.

Along with the main gallery for all of my past designs within the course, I also decided to included a selection of other sub pages to go along side the main page, with each one containing an enlarged version of each image which will/may have some text under it to give an explanation on what it is as well as some of personal thoughts on each piece. These pages will basically serve as annotations for all of my major works that I have chosen to display. (note: I may decide to remove these pages (or just the text) within the future as I am still a little unsure on whether their presence is necessary for the website).

I am quite happy of how the gallery page(s) have turned out in the end as they neatly display my designs in an orderly fashion. I am still a bit surprised at the option of creating galleries from nothing, but I am happy for the option being there as it has help save a lot of time trying to create one (or several) from scratch.




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