Web Design – Making the Home Page

Today, I have begun and finished creating the home/main page of my website, which will act as the hub page of the site, containing all of my most recent works at this current time within the project. Here I will talk about the page I  created as well as how and why I choose to design the home the way it is.

Being the most obvious page needed within my site, as practically every site in the world (not just the sites I reviewed) has some form of home/main page that serves as a main hub for their website, I created the home page with the intent to make a functional core of the website. The page will contain all (many) major and/or minor links that will branch out across my website (and possibly onto other websites as well).

Most of the work that I did when creating my website was mostly done from pure improvisation due to my lack of experience within Wix.com, meaning a lot of the layout work and design choices were made from finding them from the web designer itself, where I chose to use certain aspects based on whether or not I liked the look of them and wanted them on my website. I feel like (despite what many would think) that this method of choosing the design right on-the-spot would be much more easier than trying plan the design of the layout prior to the work, only to be disappointed if I couldn’t do various things I had hope for.

Staying with my idea of creating a personal, fox-themed design, I made the color-scheme of the site a mixture of oranges, whites and blacks (black instead of the realistic brown as the use of a murky brown would probably look not so nice on such a brightly colored screen compared to the more solid black). I kept many of the default layouts of the page the same due to them actually being place or designing in ways that I found particularly useful to the sort of design aspects I would expect from a designers sight (such as the immediate ability to contact the designer on any page).


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