Web Design – Website Theme

Looking at many of the design site all the way back from my initial research, I noticed that many of them had some form of design theme occurring. This ranged from some having more photo oriented designs, to some having almost classical/fancy styles. This theme will often have strong correlation with the design style or projects the company/designer aim most of their work towards (e.g. the classical designed site is aimed towards old museum/galleries and thus has a matching art style on the site).

Since this website will represent me and my work as a graphics designer, I wish to make its design personal towards me, as I wish to add a bit of my personality to the design rather than just create an ordinary/boring/unrelated site design.

Thinking to myself about what I found personal and generally enjoy as a design concept, I couldn’t get the idea of “foxes” out of my mind (as foxes are my favorite animal and I often do designs in my spare time that related to foxes). At this point, I have decided that I would use foxes as my current theme for the website, as I believe that having a theme based around something that I really like may  make my site just a little more open to my viewers.


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