Today I have finished creating what I have decided to be the logo for my website.

After looking at a fair few of the sites that I have previously reviewed, I noticed that several of them had placed some sort logo/insignia on their pages (notably the header (so that it is on every page on the site)) in order to represent their work/company/etc.. Looking at this, I realized that I would/may need to do some sort of design that would appear at least somewhat recognizable towards viewers, as having something recognizable on the site to represent me and my work could be potentially life-saving towards my career as a designer.


So I have decided to create a functional logo that (with a little luck) may appear at least somewhat recognizable by viewers, which may help boost the chances of people recognizing my work out of the site.

Keeping with the theme of the website design, I began designing the logo with a fox motif, as I still want to make a design that is personal towards me (as a designer). The original idea of the design was to create a custom header for the site which would either contain a pattern with the logo on it, however, after a few complications on trying to create the design and measurements, I decided to drop the use of a custom header and solely focus on trying to create a logo.

Using some online photos as inspiration/reference for the possession and pose of the fox, my initial plan was to create a more stylized version of a real fox by using illustrator to make a more simplistic/sharper design over a photo. I quickly dropped the idea though as I found that it was a bit difficult to create it in that method and moved onto just creating a more unique style.

I attempted to created a new version of the logo by making a foxes head out of my initials (LP), but this soon turned into creating a body for the head which would contain the word design. However, upon showing the designer to other people, they said that while the main design of the fox was okay (minus the use of the word “design”), the head was not very easy to notice as my initials. So after being given that response, I removed the “design” text from the fox and placed it bellow the main design in bold Arial type. I also placed my initials next to the type in slightly tweaked style that makes the letters seem a bit more readable.

I am very happy with the overall design of the logo as I have been told by others that the design is very good, and hopefully a recognizable symbol of my work. The logo itself also helps a little to show off my skills as a design right-off-the-bat. I feel like I should maybe change the swirl located in the center of the fox, but it isn’t much of issue I believe needs to worried about at this current time.