Digital Media – Smart Phones

With the constant rise of technology within design, many more interesting methods of design have been put into practice due to how easily/effective it can be to use some of them. One of these new and oddly effective methods of design that has recently been rising up is the use of smart phones for the use of photography and video recording.

Due to how advanced smart phones have been becoming recently, many designers have actually been dropping the camera recorders for something like an iPhone in order to record their video works or to take high quality photos.

This trend may have risen from how advanced the newer smartphones of this generation can take and store much higher quality photos than ever before (with some mobile companies using that fact as a major selling point), and due to how small they are when compared to bulky, professional cameras, these smartphones are a much better choice for taking with you for work as they are much more portable (they also allow artists and designers to take those photos at a much faster rate (namely those who specialize in nature/animal photography will find this feature most helpful on the go)).

I doubt that I myself will ever actual use smartphones to make my more major design works within the future, but I have been using my own smartphone to take photos for my work in the past, such as the photos I used for my Bexhill poster images. Because of this, I cannot promise that I will never use said smartphone ever again in my work.


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