Digital Media – What is It?

A brief look into the meaning and origin of digital media.

Digital media, from what know and researched, is the name used describe any electronic device that uses code-based programming to function. There are millions of devices across the world that can be classed as digital media, many of which that have existed for a long time.

From what I found, the very first form of digital media (or at least the very first device ever recorded to use code programs is believed to be the Difference Engine and Analytical Engine, created and then later coded by Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace within the early 1800’s.

Since then, coding has only gotten more advanced as well more complicated as the later years introduced more powerful systems for the coding to be created on, allowing even more advanced actions to be made using said devices. With more advanced coding, people can do much more detail tasks with digital media.

With the passing of the “Digital Revolution”, the ability to access, store, modify and share data has skyrocketed into the hands of millions of people around the world, giving them the power to use and transfer data at any time and place. Digital media can now be seen almost anywhere you go within a city, whether it be televisions, computers or smart phones in people’s hands.


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