Digital Media – Computer Design

To begin with, I think that I will first talk about possibly the largest form of digital media so far, the computer.

Computers are probably the biggest sources of digital media on earth (besides the smartphone and over mobile devices), due to their vastly superior capabilities and storage capacity which is often far more advanced than other forms of devices. Most digital media and sources on the planet come strait from a computer.

Computers are capable of holding and processing a large variety of media programs that allow the user to create various forms of design, whether it be software such as the Adobe programs (e.g. Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.). Because of this, many design designers may choose to do their most heaviest work on a computer system rather than a laptop. While on the topic, laptops are also a very well used for digital design due to their portability, which allows designers to work on the go, taking their work and programs to anywhere at any time. Most laptops however do come at the cost of losing their storage and system output in exchange for their smaller size.

One subject however is often argued upon when new designers decide to purchase a computer system: “whether to use a Mac system or a PC”. From what I have heard,many new designers often struggle to decide whether to use a Mac or PC systems for their work, as they have several different aspects that make them differ from one another. Notably, I have heard that many Mac computers are often preferred by professional designers (possibly due to graphical capabilities), but newer designers may be forced to purchase PCs for the sake of cost limitations.


Computer media will obviously be used within the web design project that I am currently doing as it is of course the main platform for website design. Using another device such as a phone or tablet/pad would be less effective at using the programs do to their much smaller storage capacities and inability to perform certain actions that a computer could otherwise do. That is of course, if the smaller devices are even capable of using the required programs.


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