After a bit of thought, I have decided that it would far more easier for me to use a site such as rather than manually code my own site, due to the severe complexity and confusion I have found from trying to understand coding practice. The tools and actions that Wix has available has often surprised me for a free-to-use website, and because of this, I will continue to use it for the rest of my project.

I have chosen to use over a web programmer such as Muse or Dreamweaver as the act of learning to using coding, even the simplest actions, is sometimes said to be as difficult as learning an entire new language on the spot. Because of time constraints within the project (and because I doubt that I could ever learn something as complex as coding), so, as a result, I will drop any idea of using coding as the use of Wix is a much more efficient sounding idea that starting from an absolute zero in what time we have.


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