Website Type

As possibly one of the most important design aspects of what will be my site, I decided to do a little bit of playing around with what sort of type I may be after for my sites design. However, due to the limitations of Wix’s type library I will only be able to use any type that they have available for use.

I am currently planning on using as simple and easy to read font as my main typeface for the site, as I want all viewers of the site to be able to clearly read and understand every word within the site, and not have any of them misread or not understand something that I have written just because I used a certain typeface. The most likely choices I currently have for main typefaces are Arial or Times New Roman, as both are commonly used and understood types that are an easy use for a simple font.

Out of the two however, I think that I will be more likely to choose Arial type over Roman. Arial is a simple, modern typeface that I could use should I decide to go with a more modern style for my website, which I am more likely to do scince I do not really consider old fashioned or classy my personal style, and I would much rather have a more cleaner font (i.e no serifs).


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