Today I had a fair look at a website recommended to me for the purpose of creating my own website for this project, with the site itself being called Wix.com. Before I made any certain decision to use said site creator, I decided to have a quick review of the site in order to see how effective it could be for creating my own site gallery, and what sorts of features that it will have that could be of use for me and any viewers of the gallery by itself.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 09.18.07

Wix.com from what it says, is a free-use website that allows users to create and develop their own functioning websites for whatever sort of function they want. The site houses website of a greatly varying amount, with site categories ranging from business to illustration. The amount of options for site designs was actually a big surprise for me, as I never expect a free site such as this to have so much content.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.11.42

Among the categories however, I found possibly the most important and useful one among them, the “Portfolio” category. This would be the type of site layout I would use for my project, considering that it is literally made for this sort of task.

After selecting this category, I was greeted by a collection of various design and layout web designs for different types of portfolio websites, with design layouts made for photography to fashion. While many of them seem very interesting in appearance, I have taken the most interest in the “Graphic Design” or “Illustration” layouts, mostly due to their fitting and interesting designs. While I may not be certain about even using this site for my project, it is very likely that I will end up using it thanks to its clever and helpful resources and functions.

UPDATE: After having a second look at the collection of categories, I found another page design that I believe that I may intend to use should I Decide to go with this method of creation. The new design is called “Creative Portfolio”. Like the previous designs, I really enjoy the overall design of the layout, but I noticed that this one had noticeable use of social media links as well as an option to email the own of the site strait from the homepage.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.09.21


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