New Multi Project – Web Design (1/2)

With the previous project completed, we are now moving into our newest project, and possibly one of the most important/useful tasks we will receive within this subject: website design.

Website design is one of the most sought after jobs within the design industry due to the immense size that the internet has grown in recent years, and thus the requirement for people capable of designing websites for it have begun to boost higher and higher. This project will help us develop our own understanding of the creation, design and functions of our own site.

From what the brief tells us, the aim of this project is to create our own working website of our own design, which can house all of our portfolio design work effectively. The site must also be easily update-able, as we will of course be adding more and more work over time, so we cannot make any of the more designs we use permanent, as it will cause difficulties later down the line of the projects.


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