Creating the Book Cover

Today I created and finished the design for the book cover project.


Using Adobe Illustrator as a base design tool, I created the designs for both the front and back covers of the book (which I later placed into InDesign), as I find Illustrator as the superior software for creating actual artwork when compared to others like InDesign, which is more geared towards the creation of page layouts.

Mostly keeping to the sketches I drew up previously, I created my designs for the front/back cover characters and background, after which I fitted into a ready measured InDesign file which I would then on use to insert the type and spine-work (due to the software having a much larger type library).

After fitting the designs, I inserted the text for the back cover by copying it over from a Word document with the spellchecked text at the ready.

With the spine and type complete, I printed out the cover and placed it over the book I used for its measurements, which would serve as its main body.


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