Book Cover Evaluation – PMI

With the book cover now complete, I shall now give my evaluation on what I think went well and wrong with this project, as well mention what aspects I thought were interesting.


P – In terms of what I thought went right with my work, I am very happy how the overall design of the book turned out, and how the simplistic style I used created the child-friendly appearance that I was after. While it was somewhat difficult creating the designs themselves from scratch (namely the characters and bar-code), I am happy that they turned out as well as they did in what little time we had. To me, I believe that the use of the font I chose was very fitting for the overall design and theme (which ended up being cambria due to the lack of calson, my originally planned font), and that it gave a great old fashioned look to the front page and spine.

M – I feel as if the type I used for the back cover was somewhat lackluster, and that it could have used a different font to make it more effective for a children’s book (use of more modern/straighter font for possible improvement). I am also a little disappointed in how the spine did not quite fit together with book I used for its body, making the edges of the front and back covers bleed in a fair bit. This may have been due to some slight miscalculations with the measurements, or due to a little confusion I had when trying to measure the book’s width.

I – I think that the way that the type I used alongside the designs of the front cover seemed to fit in a way that felt very odd to me. During the previous projects I would think about choose a type that felt fitting to me and left it there. With this cover and type, for the first time I felt as if the simplified color-scheme made the front more effective in my eyes, as it still has a child friendly design, but retains the original book’s old fashion heritage.


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