As possibly one of the most important aspects of this project, I am going to think about the possible form of typography that I will use within my final design for the book cover. Open receiving my book title during the beginning of the project, I had a fairly good idea for what sort of type I would likely go after, with that being a more old fashion type, with prominent serifs, due to the setting and creation era of the book and its story.

In order to figure out what sort of type I want to use for my project, I created various sketches of forms of type I though may be what I am looking for.

After I sketched each type on paper, I looked online and on Word to see if there was any existing forms of type available to use in my project that look similar to my sketches, with only a few successful finds.


After having looked at my desired type designs, I believe that I will likely go with Calson, an older form of type that would have been in the time era of the book (being the late (1600’s). The type itself is also very clear too both children and adults alike, and will serve as a good title/base font for my project. I chose to use Calson over other type such as New Roman or Roman in general as it is much neater than Old Roman, and despite looking similar, has a much more aesthetic appearance than the more modern looking New Roman.


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