Today I created a fair few sketches of cover ideas which I hope in using for my final design. Each design I created is based on various notable scenes from within the book. I decided to create most of the designs based on the first adventure from the book (Lilliput), as that was only one I read, due to it being the most iconic of the four.


From the sketches that I have currently done, I have taken the most interest in the first (top). I have taken an interest in these two because there doesn’t appear to be any similar designs of the book in previous illustrations I have seen before, and I want to make my designs as unique to others as possible. I may decide to use one of the designs as a possible back cover rather than just a front cover.

Also, because I have decided to choose designs that differ from the average designs I see of the book’s illustration, I am considering to make my cover aimed towards a younger audience. This may actually be because I found the actual story very complicated and that I wish to make the cover to represent a more child friendly version of the book, so that it may reach a new audience (as I have seen mostly adult based versions of the book).


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