Reading Gulliver’s Travels

While doing research on the book is completely fine, I decided that it would be a very good idea to try and read the book itself. Reading the actually material itself would give me some form of understanding of what really happens within the book’s story, as well as give me a good taste of what the theme/s of the book are centred like.

Due to the college library not having a copy (or an available copy) of the book on their shelves, I went and found and online copy of the original book online to read (*). Upon finding how long each of the four separate stories went on for however, I decided on just reading the first of the stories, as from what I have research and heard from other people I know, it is the most iconic and well-know of the four.


The book itself, I have found is fair bit more detailed and complex than I had first though, with heavy leanings towards political debates and reasoning. There was also a great amount of detail in certain areas which, besides world-building, I don’t think were too necessary for the story to keep moving. Although, due to this story having been made within the early 1700’s, it is obvious that they would have a completely different method of story telling than we commonly have now, where the more detail that a book has, the more real it would feel.

After having now read the story of Gulliver’s Travels, I’ve now gotten a fair few more ideas for possible designs, as I have now read more iconic scenes that I could easily use for my front/back cover design.

(*) –


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