Book Research

As probably the most important and obvious task before starting the designs for my book cover, I decided today to do some good research into the book that I am using for this project.

I went online to find some decent articles that would give me a brief summaries of the book itself, including the plot, the characters and the themes, all of which are very important when thinking about how to design a book cover, as you need to know exactly what the book entails and what themes or prominent parts of the book could be used within the main design. I could decided to use the characters or scenes of the book in the illustration, or I may decide to pick out a (the most) prominent theme within the story and make a more abstract styled design.

I also had a quick look for any illustrations for the story that may have been within the past, or any previously made book covers that I could take inspiration from. Open looking, I discovered that there was a fair amount of books made of the story within the past, whether they were made around the time of the original’s release or over the many years after I am unsure about,


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