PDF – Final Designs (+500 word essay)

Today I finally completed my four PDFs for our end of project presentation/vote, as well as the 500 word essay that I created to go separately with them. After finishing up the designs of the PDFs and placing in the text which i wrote in Word (in order to ensure that there was an auto correct to help prevent spelling mistakes), I ensured that all pages were of A3 and made sure to fix any details I had gone wrong when they were enlarged. I then printed out each of the PDFs onto A3 paper in order to use for today’s vote.

The vote today was to roughly decide which of our ideas should be voted into being used for the Design Factory competition, where designs from other colleges and/or universities will be put against each other to see which idea is the most unique and life changing of all.


At the current, I do not know how well my PDFs and idea have been received, and so I must wait until then to know. I myself believe that my PDFs could have been done much more creatively and informatively than they were by the time of the vote, as I feel as if I should have placed more text within them or added more informative information about the cells themselves. Although, the PDFs were truthfully rushed somewhat due to a varying amounts of technical difficulties revolving around the disappearances and corruptions of multiple critical assets for the project final during the last day of development.


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