Now that I have created the base designs of my PDFs, it is time that I began to use the semiotics I have learned in the past to help support the four page designs and features towards the audience. To recap on the subject, semiotics refers to how something may make a person think of something else, for example: if someone heard the tweet of a bird, they may begin thinking about different birds or list through their mind which one it could be.

For my designs, I chose to use a pentagon cell theme as I believed that when they are put together they create a recognizable cell-like pattern. I also believed that the built-together cells would make it appear as if they are forming together to create a wall, which would be one of the intended functions of the artificial cells. I decided on the color green for the PDFs as it is a pleasant and relaxing color and I want any possible users to have a calm and reassuring feeling when thinking about using the treatment. I also used to same design theme on my matching leaflet.

I did this as I feel that it is highly important to show in my PDF certain forms of connotation that will help make potential users feel emotions that may help in comforting them into using the treatment, or to convince someone they know into using it instead. I did something similar with the leaflet in that I based the design on professional designs I had seen of business leaflets and brochures before, as I wanted to make the design as professional as possible.