Audience – Artificial Cells

After having  had a look through my previous blog posts, I have noticed that while I have mentioned subjects about my target audience, I have not gone into full detail about subject itself. In this post, I will talk about the people who will likely become the users of my design idea and how it effects them.

I believe that the most likely audiences of my idea will be comprised of both doctors/researchers and patients with illnesses or conditions that can be treated by the artificial cells.

Doctors would be interested in getting my artificial cells as they would be the people that would use the cell treatment on patients, as well as the ones who would help further develop the treatment. Patients would be the second target group as they are the ones who will receive the new treatment and are the main purpose of the cells creation in the first place, as they are made to help cure or support people with conditions that prevent their bodies from being defended from infections.

The cells will be sold to hospitals and researches across the country for their medical supplies and further research. They would then insert the cells into willing patients who need the treatment to keep their bodies in prime condition against illness and internal conditions.


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