Today we learn’t about the possible use of fake personas within the planning and development of our project.

Personas refer to the act of someone inventing a fake identity or character with their own personality and qualities. Mostly, a persona may consist of the most basic or simply most relevant information about that person. However, some people may go for creating “extreme users”, personas with a much amount of detail to point where some people may event list the name of the car they drive or their diet, even when it is not completely necessary for the situation.

People within businesses may often use a/several personas when creating a product in order to make their own user example. They then use these personas to act out how actual users may react when shown the final product. This allows the business to roughly predict how a user might act towards their final design, allowing them to make any changes that might help them if they think that certain important persona types may not react as well as they hoped.

Here are some example of personas that I have created myself:


Persona 1

Name: Tommas Hanks

Age: 32

Location: London, UK

Involvement with treatment: Patient

Blood type: B

Medical background: Suffering from Leukopenia (decrease in white blood cell count)

Exercise level: Average/above average

Relatives/friends involved: Mother, brother, girlfriend

Personality: Jolly. Enjoys making jokes out of a situation, but does seemingly take information given to him with a serious and thoughtful manner. Is fairly sporty and and enjoy routine exercise.

Thoughts on treatment: Somewhat concerned about the initial treatment, but is mostly positive about the treatment and its long term effects for his health.


Persona 2

Name: Jess Mavis

Age: 28

Location: Manchester, UK

Involvement with treatment: Younger sister of registered patient

Blood type: AB

Medical background: Suffering from minor asthma attacks

Exercise level: Average

Relatives/friends involved: Mother, Father, Sister (patient)

Personality: Concerning of others. Cheerful yet often quiet (likely due to sister’s treatment).

Thoughts on treatment: Is highly unsure on the long term effects of the treatment towards her sister’s health. While concerned, she is still supportive of her sister’s decision.


Persona 3

Name: Bob Herly

Age: 45

Location: Wales

Involvement with treatment: N/A

Blood type: B

Medical background: Suffering from minor case of Leukocytosis

Exercise level: Low

Relatives/friends involved: N/A

Personality: Somewhat negative. Is highly critical of many controversial subjects.

Thoughts on treatment: Shows no signs of wanting treatment, claiming that is dangerous and not right (unnatural). Believes that messing around with the rules of nature is too risky and will only lead to bad endings.

Having created my own personas to test the likely reactions of my project on has given me a fair bit of knowledge on what I should consider to say when confronted by different people with different viewpoints on this sort of medical treatment. It’s helped me think about what sorts of users and non-users I should think about and what ideals they may have in response to my idea.

some people may have no issue with the treatment, and may even be happy to take part in it if it means a possible cure to their or others problems. But while some may be confident with the treatment, they will likely have family and friends who are less confident in its success and are very concerned towards the patients health (with some of them being flat-out opposed to the idea itself). Of course, there will always be people who will attempt to oppose the idea of a brand new and advanced form of medical treatment (especially of this caliber), and may likely protest against its use on patients. People of a religious nature or background may be one of the likely groups who will protest its use due to it being a unnatural form of cure.


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