HW – Making the Project Interactive

As a homework task given to us by the project, I have asked to think of various ways in which I can make the presentation of my idea towards its possible users, carrying the skills we learnt about from “experience design”. In other words, I need to think of ways of to provide a more interesting experience to users.

As of this moment, I have been unable to find many suitable ways of make a form of medical treatment in anyway due to the more serious nature of the idea, as the thought of trying to gamifing a form of new medical treatment may be seen as off-putting or even offensive by the patients as it is not a something you would try to make fun.

The only form of gamification I can currently even get close to is the idea of making an interactive video or activty for children, with information about how the treatment takes place and how it affects the human body positively.

An example of this method of gamification could be seen on the BBC education website known as “BBC Bitesize” (http://www.bbc.co.uk/education), a site dedicated for various forms of information resource mostly used for school research and revision. While the site mostly contains written information and images for normal revision, there are also various online activities made to teach and test the students knowledge on certain subjects.


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