Experience Design

Today we have had a session on yet another new term for us to take into mind when developing our project, “Experience Design”. Experience design is a term to describe how some forms of design may cause people to remember to gain brand new experiences by interacting with them.

There are 3 notable type of design experience that people may often feel when going through their day:

Everyday – Experiences that occur practically every day or are experiences that the person will come across every day of their life. Are often more simplistic or practical memories or experiences such as getting up in the morning, going to work and so on.

Recognized – Experiences that occur much less often than everyday ones or appear on rarer occasions. Examples could be things such as eating your favorite meal or listening to a song.

Group Memory – A memory or experience that you and another person(s) have both experienced before, whether it was together or separately. Examples could include the feeling of falling in love, moving house, or going on holidays.


Knowing experience design is very important within the designing industry as it allows designers to understand how their audience will emotionally react to their designs, as well as how it might make them react. While it may be impossible to get the exact same reaction from every person who view or interacts with a design, it is possible to create a design that can specifically trigger specific experiences and memories, such as joy or sadness. This can be very useful for making a connection with their audience.


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