Using the information I have learned from or lesson on “Experience Design”, I have been trying develop my idea further in order to gain a much firmer understanding of what I want from my idea, and what I need from my idea for the user/audience.

It will be quite obvious that any patient who is involved with the artificial cell treatment will have a large amount of emotional attachment towards it, as well as anyone with relations them, weather it be friends or family. Because of the treatment’s aim of cursing a person and protecting them constantly from inside their body, there will be groups of patients very hopeful of the treatments success, and may have positive feelings thanks to this.

However, due to the treatment being brand new and barely recognised as of yet, most patients may be unsure or even fearful about having the cells injected into them. This may also cross over to the patients family and friends who would all be nervous over the safety of the user. Because of this, I must try to involve as much reassuring information about the treatment for patients as I can, in order to prevent as many people from being concerned about using the treatment or are using it already.