Today I participated in a class trip to The Design Museum in London in order go to visit the current exhibits located there, which included the Cycle Revolution exhibit, a room filled with past and present designs and processes of the bicycle, and the other main exhibit being the Designs of the Year 2015. Both exhibits gave me some good inspiration for the new project.

The main exhibit we attended, the Designs of the Year, contained many interesting designs from across the country made by designers for a competition of the most life changing ideas of the year. Designs there ranged from electric sports cars, air-bag motorcycle suits, to a new video game about space travel.

One of the exhibits I saw however, oddly caught my eye, a new device called the “organ on a chip”. The organ on a chip, from what I found, is a newly created piece of tiny equipment that allows researchers to test their experimental drugs on a simulated human organ without having to use animals or risk human health. The cost of making the chips is also extremely low, making researchers save piles of money on testing.

I have taken an interest on this design as it relates a fair bit with one of my most prevalent ideas I currently have being artificial cells. It also gives me a fair bit of confidence about create a medical treatment like this with such a world changing inspiration to base it on.